Yayo Morales - Los Andes Jazz Project


Yayo Morales was born in La Paz – Bolivia. He studied at the National Conservatoire of Music from 1983 to 1989 and after that he moved to Madrid – Spain to complete his studies at the E.M.C (Escuela de Música Creativa) from 1990 to 1994 where he gets his music diploma on Drums, Harmony, Arrangements and Composition. In 2012 he gets the EMMEN Diploma (European Professional Music Qualification) Jazz Specialty. Brussels, Belgium.
He lived in Madrid for 23 years and became one of the most relevant and well know drummers in the Spanish scene.
As a freelance drummer/band leader, Yayo has a vast experience playing styles ranging from Jazz, Latin Jazz, Brazilian Jazz, Flamenco, to Pop and Rock, performing throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America. Playing and touring with bands and musicians such as Rita Marley, La Calle Caliente, Henry (The Skipper) Franklin, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Benn Clatworthy, Chano Dominguez, Steve Cotter, La Barbería del Sur, Jose El Frances, Marta Sanchez, Peter Materna Trio, La Quinta Estacion, Javier Malosetti, Christian Galvez, Ramon el Portugues Javier Limon, Javier Colina, Manuel Machado, Bobby Martinez, Scott Ambush, Juan Munguia, Jerry Gonzalez, to name only a few.
He also taught from 1994 until 2013 Drum set, Ear training (Rhythm) and Jazz Ensemble at the E.M.C (One of the best modern music schools in Spain). He was teacher of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music of London, giving percussion classes at Kensingon School and E.M.C. (1992 – 1996)
In 2012 he gets the EMMEN Diploma (European Professional Music Qualification) Jazz Specialty in Brussels, Belgium.
In 2013 he leaves Spain and moves back to Bolivia, Invited by the Bolivian National Department of Education to design and implement the new Drum program for Jazz Majors at the National Conservatoire of Music. This program is used as the standard model for all national drum programs of a graduate level throughout Bolivia.
He also was Professor of Composition and Arranging at University of Saint Andrews (UMSA) La Paz – Bolivia, included extensive curriculum planning and examination process individualized for each student.


You could hear Yayo recorded on more than 60 albums, but here some of the most relevant:
2015 Yayo Morales Trio: Los Andes Jazz Project II. With Scott Ambush and German Kucich. The Carriage House, New York City – USA (Latin – Bolivian – Jazz. (Buy it).
  • 2012 Pato Munoz: Todos Los Barrios. With Pato Munoz, Patxi Pascual, Alfredo Chacon, etc. Madrid – Spain (Latin Jazz).
  • 2011 Peter Materna Trio: The Dancer. Wiith Peter Materna and Henning Sieverts, Cologne – Germany (Jazz).
  • 2009 Musical Enamorados Anonimos. With Roman Feliu, Marcelo Fuentes, Bandolero, Jose Manuel Leon, etc. Produced by Javier Limon. Madrid – Spain (Latin Jazz – Flamenco).
  • 2005 Diego El Cigala: Undebel. With Tomatito, Javier Colina, Montoyita, Israel “Piraña” Suarez, Ramon el Portugues, etc. Madrid – Spain (Flamenco).
  • 2007 Yayo Morales: Los Andes Jazz Project. With Jerry Gonzalez, Caramelo Masso, Bob Sands, Bobby Martinez, etc. Madrid – Spain (Latin – Bolivian – Jazz).
  • 2002 La Calle Caliente: Mozambique Soul. With Miguel Blanco, Manuel Machado, Pepe Rivero, Norman Hogue, etc. Madrid – Spain (Latin Jazz, nominated to a Grammy).
  • 2002 La Barberia del Sur: Paquete y Negri. With Juan Jose Suarez, Enrique Heredia, Remedios Amaya, Armando Manzanero, Carles Benavent, etc. Madrid – Spain (Flamenco – Pop)
  • 2002 Antonio Flores: Cosas Tuyas. With Antonio Carmona, Manolo Tena, etc. Madrid – Spain (Flamenco).
  • 2000 La Calle Caliente: Latin Jazz Band. With Antonio Serrano, Miguel Blanco, Jorge Pardo, Vicente Borland, etc. Madrid – Spain (Latin Jazz).
  • 1999 El Potito: El Ultimo Cantaor. With Juan Jose Suarez “Paquete”, Josemi Carmona, Juan Habichuela, Estrella Morente, etc. Madrid – Spain (Flamenco)
  • 1997 La Barberia del Sur: Algo Pa Nosotros. With Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Chano Dominguez, Jordi Rossy, etc. Madrid – Spain (Flamenco – Jazz) Link